The UL has sent out a public notice, warning that an LED Power Supply, identified as Class 2 waterproof LED power supply, Model KSCFF1002400T1M2, bears a counterfeit UL Mark for the U.S. and Canada. The warning states that this LED Power Supply has not been evaluated by the UL, therefore it is unknown if the LED meets the safety standards of the UL or the safety requirements for the United States or Canada. This product has been sold by Smarts Import & Export Co. Ltd., China, and might have been sold in other areas. The counterfeit UL Mark also includes the following information: Model KSCFF1002400T1M2 Class 2 waterproof LED power supply E216698

More details regarding this warning can be found on the Underwriters Laboratory website, or For specific questions regarding this or other fine products, email or call Peak to Peak Power 800-933-7725 x 104; 813-996-1922 x 104; Skype Al5525. As always, we Faithfully Apply Our Resources as Your Resources, and strive To be the premier supplier for Timely, Cost Effective Solutions.