The rumor that the EPA’s Energy Star certification program for electrical and electronic devices is requiring five year warranties on lighting system power supplies is not true. Instead Energy Star only requires a three year warranty for LED lighting system power supplies. This warranty only covers power supplies that have been found to be defective.

 Warranties for power supplies are not even mentioned in the current standards for commercial LED lighting posted at <a href=""> Energy Star’s website</a>.

Instead the documents there mention such standards as wattage, light output, power factor, rated lifetime hours, color temperature, power factor and special features.

 Power supply warranties are required by the guidelines for manufacturers of Energy Star certified lighting products posted at the same website. Manufacturers that want to display the Energy Star logo on their products must follow these guidelines or the Energy Star Program Requirements for Solid State Lighting Products Partner Commitments. This means that companies that want the Energy Star logo on LED lighting products will have to offer a limited three year warranty on power supplies.

 Three Year Warranties Required for LED Lighting System Power Supply

Energy Star’s SSL program requirements require a warranty for solid state lighting systems. The requirements state that a three year warranty is required for all Energy Star certified LED commercial lighting system. Power supplies are specifically mentioned as being covered by the warranty.

 The warranty only covers defective products so buyers would have to prove the product is defective to claim the warranty. Wear and tear or damage to LED lighting systems caused by caused by power surges and other outside causes would not be covered by this warranty.   


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