On April 26th 2011, Phase 2 of the ERP requirement goes into effect.  It defines the maximum no-load power consumption and minimum average efficiency for external power supplies 


  • All units 50 Watts and less must have 0.3Watts or less no load power consumption.
  • All units greater than 50 Watts and less than 250Watts must have 0.5Watts or less no load power consumption & it must be 87% efficient

The power conversion products covered by this:

  • Products converting AC Power from mains into low voltage DC or AC output
    • Single output DC or AC
  • Separate devices that constitutes the primary load
  • Contained in a physical enclosure separate from the device
  • With removable or hard wired male/female connection, cable, cord, etc.
  • Intended for use with electrical and electronic household and office equipment in EC No. 1275/2008


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