With the ever changing world of light emitting diode (LED) lights, the conditions for power are changing along with them. For years the LPV series by Mean Well has been the standard choice for many LED applications. The most popular of this series was the LPV-60-12 for its UL approvals, size, and power specifications. A 60 watt power supply with a 12 volt output requirement was met with the LPV series.

With the changing of UL approvals from 879 and 1310 to UL8750, Mean Well has had to keep up with the changing agency approval landscape, thus introducing the LPF Series. With UL8750 approval and a dimming option available, the LPF series looks to replace the LPV series. Having the same available wattage and voltage specifications as the LPV series, the LPF series will be able to meet and exceed the demands for all LED applications.

The new UL8750 approval is one that covers all LED standards and references many of the past UL approvals for LED power. UL8750 is an approval that will cover LED equipment that is an integral part of luminaire and other lighting equipment and which operates in the visible light spectrum between 400 - 700 nm. These requirements also cover the component parts of LED equipment, including LED drivers, controllers, arrays, modules, and packages as defined within this standard.

It is safe to say that UL8750 is the approval of all approvals for the LED world. Having this UL8750 approval, the LPF series aims to help the industry become a more standardized and safe environment for all LED products.

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