With the rapid growth of the LED market, UL is updating their Sign Component Manual (SAM) quarterly to keep up with the expansion.

This directory which is governed by UL standard 879 (Electric Sign Components), lists all components currently tested and certified under this standard. UL 879 has replaced UL 48 (Electric Signs) and UL 73 (Motor-Operated Appliances) which was the former guidelines for sign components.

The Sign Component Manual (SAM) contains all of the components associated with construction of electric signs including flexible metal conduit, gaskets and seals & gasket materials, insulating bushings, neon transformers & power supplies, component signs, changing message signs, and sign accessories. Sign accessories encompass many components including LED modules, LED power supplies, construction materials, and LED drivers & controllers.

Any sign manufacturer wanting to streamline their UL approval will pick from components already approved in the SAM. The SAM lists the conditions of acceptability to help the sign designer correctly pick their components.