Regarding the 19th “Taiwan Excellence Selection” executed by the Bureau of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, the reward of “Taiwan Excellence Award” had been announced on December 21st, 2010 after 2 months evaluation on written reports and on-site assessment by more than 70 well-known experts and professors, MEAN WELL achieved this award by its high efficiency waterproof LED power supply~ HLG series.

The reward is not only represent the positive recognition of R&D, design, quality control and marketing aspects from the evaluations, but also the proof of new technology and idea to reduce in the carbon consumption following the trend of environment protection. We are proud of maintaining the social responsibility to develop the “green power” products continuously, promoting the good quality and performance level.

The rewarded product, HLG series, is our new generation of high performance LED power supply. In compared with other products in the market, HLG series is designed by the concept of “constant current (C.C. mode) plus constant voltage (C.V. mode)”, so that It can direct drive the LED in order to increase the total system efficiency or in cope with the use of DC-DC LED driver for the balance of current distribution. With the advanced LCC and synchronous rectification technology, HLG series possess up to 94% of high efficiency. (general power units perform approximate 85%). With high PF value and IP65~IP67 dustproof / waterproof level, HLG series has 4KV/ 6KV surge immunity ability and offers the flexible dimming options. Moreover, all models are proved that the lifetime is compatible with the five-year period of LED modules and they also comply with global safety and EMC regulations, which are very suitable for harsh indoor or outdoor environment such as LED streetlamps, outdoor electronic display, LED tunnel lighting, LED decorative lighting and all kinds of outdoor electronic installations.

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